Rebel Bean is a small batch, artisan roasterie located in Okotoks, Alberta.

All our coffee is organically grown, fairly traded, and roasted fresh every week by our head roaster, Kerri Ann, in a 10kg Turkish drum roaster that we call ‘Toby’. We are committed to buying the highest quality specialty organic beans available from various coffee-growing regions of the globe and bringing out the best of their flavours and nuances through the roasting process.

While other coffee companies are turning to technology and hooking their roasters up to computers in the name of consistency, Rebel Bean is sticking with the artisan techniques that have served generations of coffee roasters. With only temperature as a guide, we rely on sight, sound, smell, hand written logs, and intuition to perfectly roast our coffee. We’re Rebels like that.

What’s the story behind the name “Rebel Bean’?

Toby, has a secret. According to Kerri Ann and the previous roaster who owned Toby, in every batch there is one single bean that inexplicably doesn’t roast. That bean is among the thousands in each batch that is exposed to heat in excess of 200°C. Every other bean in that batch has lost a good deal of its moisture, lost a percentage of its natural caffeine, and its sugars have caramelized to darken its colour. Except for one. This one bean seemingly flips the bird at chemistry and DOES NOT ROAST. We find one in every batch and have termed it, the Rebel Bean, a name which has also become the personality for the brand and its customers. Read the whole story and find out more by reading the blog: Be the Rebel Bean.

Meet the Head Rebel

Kerri Ann Colby is the owner and head roaster of Rebel Bean. She is also the inventory control manager, packager, shipper, social media manager, floor sweeper, and part-time barista.
Kerri Ann has been a coffee lover for more than 20 years and was a corporate communications specialist before the weird and wonderful twists and turns of life brought her to coffee roasting, a path that she’s grateful every day to have found.

She is also a single mom to two amazing decaf drinkers.