I'm a geek, not a snob, thank you very much

I prefer coffee geek, thank you. I started this blog as a coffee lover’s way of paying homage to the beautiful beverage that has kick started my day for the last twenty plus years. Yes, I had my favourite brands and ways to prepare my coffee but honestly, the fact that it was caffeinated was what I cared about most. You could serve me bad coffee but, Jesus, don’t offer me decaf. But now, after going to work in a café and then almost falling into a coffee roasting role that will most certainly change my life, my interest in the mighty bean has deepened and my thirst for coffee knowledge has increased tenfold.

I want to know everything about the entire process from bean to cup. I’m starting to sample a wider range of coffees and instead of automatically adding enough milk to get it to the right shade of caramel before I take my first sip, I’m drinking it black and beginning to identify the chocolate notes, or fruity finish, and appreciate the level of acidity. I guess you could say I’m geeking out on coffee.

I first realized things had changed when I was at a friend’s house for dinner and it came time for the after dinner coffee. The host brought out his beans and grinder and his French Press and was trying hard to do everything right. He even admitted that it was a bit nerve-wracking to make a cup for me. And he was someone who has made me dozens of coffees before. And then there was the awkward encounter at the grocery store when I ran into an acquaintance who is obviously also a reader of my blog. If she could have jumped in her cart and physically blocked me from seeing what brand of coffee she was taking home, she would have. I recognized the look on her face because I have the same one when I have one too many frozen pizzas in my cart and run into my fitness friends.

But that’s when I knew. People think I’m a coffee snob. So, I did what anyone in today’s day and age with an identity crisis or a weird rash does; I googled it. 13 Signs You’re a Coffee Snob http://www.foodrepublic.com/2013/06/18/13-signs-youre-coffee-snob Turns out, I only have 4 of the 13 signs . Ha. So there. And no, I’m not telling you which of the 4 are mine. But I was a little freaked out at the idea of being considered part of a higher class of coffee drinker. Because, from my perspective, coffee is the quintessential everyman’s beverage. It knows no social or economic boundaries. Coffee is as likely to be found in the hands of a homeless person as it is in the cup of royalty. The coffee plants are still grown under the same sun and watered by the same rains. They are picked by the same farmers. You might not know what a good cup of coffee is even supposed to taste like. Or you might know a great deal about the best roasting and brewing techniques to enhance flavor.

But you do know the comfort you get from holding one in your hand, or sitting across the table from a friend while on a coffee date, or just getting that first morning sip that instantly ignites your day. For me, that’s the true joy of coffee, even more than the taste. It’s what unites us as coffee drinkers. So, I’m gonna continue to geek out and learn everything I can about coffee and share it here just in case you’re interested. Don’t ever think that means we can’t share a bad cup of coffee anywhere or anytime. But please, no decaf.