A Light Roast Love Story


In love, in life, and in coffee, it’s essential to try new things.

Once upon a time there was a woman who was living happily divorced, raising two amazing kids, had a growing new business, and a circle of friends who loved and supported her. She didn’t think she needed anything more. Sure… one day… maybe there would be another person in her life just so she had someone to go to movies with and talk to and could be her plus one for social engagements. But that guy—that guy would have to meet or exceed a long list of criteria. This girl was not settling.

Oh, by the way, that girl was me. And I was in no hurry either. No intention to start dating. Until, one phone conversation with a friend of mine who was about 6 months ahead of me on the ‘unhappy marriage/divorce/live the life you want’ journey. (Hi Sandra!) She suggested that I start dating sooner rather than later. “Go on a bunch of dates. Meet a bunch of guys. Have some nice dinners. Because after each one you will know what you like or did not like about that person and can start to define what you DO want and so when you meet him, you’ll know.” She always was smarter than me.

So, I did just that. I decided that I was a woman in my 40’s and there was no shame in dating and possibly even having a fling or two. I’m a grown ass woman, after all. I even decided I would memorialize my scandalous new behaviour with a limited edition light roast coffee blend. (Because solopreneurs can do that kind of thing.) And so, Spring Fling was born. It was the first time I’ve ever roasted and sold a Light Roast coffee. Early in my roasting training I was given a negative impression of light roast. Too acidic and carries too high of a caffeine charge for a nice girl. But, what the hell, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.

So, with a cup of Spring Fling in hand, I stepped into the world of online dating and created my profile by explaining to the digital dudes what I expected them to have if they were to be a match. Male, aged 40 or older topped the list, because there was no way an immature 30 something with no kids would ever understand my life’s priorities, right? From there, I admit that candidates were narrowed based on their photos. If they had photos wearing camo – gone. If they were too physically active or extreme athletes – gone. If they had a photo where they were in a bar, with a beer, watching sports – gone. If they showed a photo with their truck or hoisting a fish into the air – they were gone, gone, gone.

Surprisingly there were a handful of men who made it through this screening process and I made it through a series of unsatisfying evenings all in the spirit of trying new things. At the coffee shop, we laughed as I relayed my dating experiences (Who takes a coffee roaster to Tim Horton’s on a first date??) and at the end of each story I declared that I’d keep trying.

Then, one day, I opened my front door to the love of my life. I had been getting quotes from local contractors because I needed to remove and replace the dilapidated old fence in my backyard. Chris was sent by a friend who knew that he was a nice guy who did good work at a reasonable rate. I’m not going to say it was love at first sight. It wasn’t. There was something about his smile and energy that moved me but I couldn’t see past his camo ball cap and the giant truck in the driveway with the Ducks Unlimited chair covers on it. But it’s true that he was a nice guy with reasonable rates and so he got the job. Through the planning process, I learned that he was single, never been married, barely into his 30’s, loved watching sports, hunting, fishing, and – get this – owned a Keurig coffee maker! But hey, I was still in the Spring Fling frame of mind and so when he asked me out for dinner, I said yes.

One week before fence construction, we went on our first date and neither of us have been the same since. Because for as little as we have in common on the surface, we share all the things that matter. In terms of our perspectives, and philosophies, and the characteristics we each hold dear, we are more alike than I ever would have thought possible. Being with Chris is as easy as breathing for me and I’ve never felt more connected to another person. My life has only been enriched by his past-times and I have come to appreciate how our differences complement one another. His age doesn’t matter one bit either, especially with a soul as old as his. And the fact that he has no kids of his own, only means he is completely available to love mine as if they were his own. I’ve never been happier. He is my one great love and I wonder every day if we would have found each other without that old fence, my series of bad dates, or my ‘Spring Fling’ leap of faith.

So, that’s how our love story began and why Rebel Bean started creating a seasonal light roast. If you’ve been following along using product introductions only, you would have seen that this was no longer a Spring Fling. Soon, it became ‘Sweet Summer Lovin’’ and then ‘Fall’n For You’ and eventually, when Chris moved in with me and my kids, we created ‘Winter Bliss’. But today, as we wrap up a second year of these seasonal light roast blends I am announcing that in 2017 we are discontinuing these blends and instead will be introducing a permanent light roast to the Rebel Bean collection.

With our engagement, upcoming marriage, and commitment to love each other for all seasons, forever, I’m pleased to introduce ‘Ever After’ Light Roast Blend. We hope you taste the love in every sip and that when you do, it reminds the rebel in you to follow your own path. It could be as simple as a dark roast drinker trying Light Roast for the very first time and liking it, or it could lead to the greatest adventure of your life. You just never know...