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Rebel Bean owner, Kerri Ann

Hey! I’m Kerri Ann,

This is the spot where I tell you of my undying love for coffee, it’s aroma, it’s subtle undertones and bold flavours. How coffee is my life. I do love those undertones, and coffee is my life, but not the way you think.

My coffee journey is a bit different.

It didn’t start with a deep and passionate love for the beans.

It started with a Mama, a bad marriage, two small humans and a fire in my heart to take care of us all myself. Thankfully sprinkled liberally with a belief in the universe. ‘Cause I’m a bit hippy like that.

Rebel Bean just fell into my lap, you know how that looks, — hundreds of hours learning a new obsession while helping out a friend because it fills you up maybe even more than it helps her, all while finding yourself in the process. That kind of falling into your lap.



Toby has a secret… wait who’s Toby? Toby is my partner in coffee crime! He’s the beautiful antique manual roaster that I co-collaborate with on each batch of coffee that travels through the Rebel Bean Roastery.

But what’s Toby’s secret?

Of the thousands of beans that roll through the roasting trays of Toby each batch there is one bean that fights the power, it goes it’s own way, it stays green. We don’t know why, we don’t know how but we do know that all of us have the power to go our own way too. I needed that message at pivotal moment in my life, and now I celebrate that message every where I go.

And that’s how coffee has become my life.

Because coffee brings us together. Unlikely friends sip it in cafe’s, spouses offer warm cups doctored just right as early morning moments of connection, gratitude or even apologies. Parents use it to get them through another early morning. Teens sneak it to stay up late for the studying they should have done the week before. It’s a fabric of our humanity. It brings us all together, and we’re all our own Rebel Bean aren’t we?

I think there’s a Rebel inside every one of us.


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Alberta is our playground.


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