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About Rebel Bean



Rebel Bean is a small batch coffee roaster located in Okotoks, Alberta.

All our coffee is organically grown, fairly traded, and roasted fresh every week in a 10kg Turkish drum roaster that we call ‘Toby’. We are committed to buying the highest quality specialty organic beans available from various coffee-growing regions of the globe and bringing out the best of their flavours and nuances through the roasting process.




I’m Kerri Ann.

I’m not a coffee snob.

::hides under desk::

In my first year or two of roasting I was worried you might find this out about me. Then I realized, WAIT! That’s the whole point!

If you are looking for someone to tell you about how the particle count in your water is affecting the quality of your pour over brew, in which you’ve meticulously hand ground your beans to the perfect consistency, you’ve come to the wrong place. Not because I can’t. (I’m a mother of teenagers, I can throw down with the best of them.)

But I’m not interested in the most exotic cup of coffee in the world. I’m interested in good, even great, approachable coffee that warms both your body and your heart.

Other coffee companies have turned to big batches, and technology like computers and formulas to create laser accurate consistency in their beans. Here at Rebel Bean, we are doing it old school. This company was started by me, and is now operated together with my husband Chris, and together we’ve decided that we’re sticking with the artisan techniques that have served us and the generations of coffee roasters before us well. With only temperature as a guide, we rely on sight, sound, smell, hand written logs, and intuition to perfectly roast our coffee.

Rebel Bean coffee might not be consistent. But it’s consistently Good.

We’re Rebels like that.


What’s the story behind the name “Rebel Bean’?


In every batch there is one single bean that inexplicably doesn’t roast. That bean is among the thousands in each batch that is exposed to heat in excess of 200°C. Every other bean in that batch has lost a good deal of its moisture, lost a percentage of its natural caffeine, and its sugars have caramelized to darken its colour. Except for one. This one bean seemingly flips the bird at chemistry and DOES NOT ROAST. We find one in every batch and have termed it, the Rebel Bean, a name which has also become the personality for the brand and its customers.




Every other roasting company I read about has a story that begins with a great passion for wonderful coffee and while, yes, I like coffee a lot, it is not why I started this company.  

I started Rebel Bean because I was newly single and wanted a way to support my family my way. I wanted to prove that we could have the life I dreamed of, and we could create it on our own terms, with a ton of hard work, hustle and heart.

our secret ingredient is love

When a friend needed a back up roaster for her small coffee business I jumped at the chance to learn a new skill and because the universe had my back, it turns out I loved roasting coffee.

My great love isn’t just for the coffee, it’s a love for the connection that coffee gives humanity.

(I know, I know!! I’m being such a mom right now. )

I started to think about the journey that each bean has made. I imagined just how many people have transferred their energy into these beans before we sip it as our morning cup of coffee.

My true passion is for what happens when two people meet for coffee and the love, and friendship, or hardship or knowing that transpires between them between sips.  

Coffee connects humanity in so many ways.

This connection drives everything that we do at Rebel Bean. It informs the charities we choose to support and the way we love, appreciate and respect every one of our Rebel Gang. (Pssst — that includes you.)

In a world where everyone tells us to blend in, to consume more and more, to fit the mold, we are here saying, stand out, be you, we’ve got you!


xx Kerri Ann.


WANT TO KNOW the light roast LOVE STORY?

Once upon a time

You’ll notice that our Ever After Light Roast looks different than the other coffees. And that’s because it is different. Our light roast blend was inspired by the relationship between Rebel Bean’s founder, Kerri Ann And her husband and now business partner, chris. in kerri ann’s words, here’s their story as told through the series of light roast blends that described their relationship.

Ever After Light Roast
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Throw back to Spring 2015. It was time to start dating. I wasn’t looking for something serious. Maybe just a fling.

My friend said, “Go on a bunch of dates. Meet a bunch of guys. Have some nice dinners. Because after each one you will know what you like or did not like about that person and can start to define what you DO want and so when you meet him, you’ll know.”

Spring Fling Light Roast blend was born.

Psst. It went horribly! Who takes a coffee roaster to Tim Horton’s for a first date!?

But it was okay, because I had everything I ever needed except maybe a new fence.


Then one day, I opened my front door to the love of my life.

He was a contractor, here to build me that new fence. He owned a Keurig but I looked past that when he asked me out. I was still in my Spring Fling stage after all.

We went on our first date and neither of us have been the same since.

rebel bean introduces summer lovin’ Light Roast blend.


The fence construction came and went, but Chris stayed constant. I feel deeper and deeper in love with him, and he with us and our little family.

the time was right for fallin’for you light roast blend.


As the weather turned colder, he moved in with the kids and I. Winter brought snuggly Sunday mornings in front of the fire with cups of coffee, and laughing at movies and all sorts of joy.

it was winter bliss light roast blend.

5 - Ever After

We repeated that cycle for one more year of seasonal light roasts and then the new year brought a ring, and a promise and just like that our seasonal light roast is here to stay for ever after.

The Ever After Light Roast Blend represents our marriage, and commitment to love each other for all seasons, forever!

Drink ever after with us!