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my second favourite f word.


fundraising. it’s my second favourite f word.

But, if you have kids, it’s a reality of giving them the opportunities they need to live enriching and full childhoods without putting yourself in the poor house.  I get it.  I also get that trying to get your friends and family to buy crap they don’t need is no fun.

But what if you could offer them something they use every day, that is probably on their grocery list right now?  And it’s not 5x the cost they would pay at the grocery store.  In fact, they’re only paying an extra toonie to help your little ballerina, or hockey player, or the next great musician.

Rebel Bean’s coffee fundraising program allows your community group, sports team, or organization to offer organically-grown, fairly-traded coffee. 

And because you’re also supporting a small, independent business run by a mom, your fundraising campaign means I can avoid the F word too. Well…one of them.

Want to know all the details and how to book your campaign? Email and request an information package.

*To give each group the best chance of making it rain with their fundraising campaign we only schedule one campaign per district at a time, so please get in touch early.



No upfront cost to participate

No minimum orders. 

If you have 3 families or an entire league of parents who need to raise funds, you can book a sales campaign and earn up to $8 for every bag of coffee sold.

We don’t roast your coffee until your order is placed so it’s always fresh and delicious when you deliver it to your customers…which makes next year’s fundraising blitz that much easier.